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Tiny Sparks of Joy: Sneak Peek into the Day of a Ceramic Artist

tiny sparks of joy

We’ve got a short, but sweet interview today. Let’s take a sneak peek into the day of ceramic artist Demet Galatali and see how the miniature ceramics she makes create tiny sparks of joy in her life. 

Welcome to ARE Living's ongoing interview series, where we get to share how you ARE living!

Tiny sparks of joy in the studio

I work at all times of the day, and I have no routine for throwing ceramics. For example, I painted this vase at 03:00 am.

tiny sparks of joy in the studio
On the pottery wheel

For me, the greatest joy is when I open the kiln and find this:

tiny vase with pencil
See pencil tip for scale of these tiny vases!

How I start my day

I love to wake before sunrise and embrace the day. That is what gives me a feeling of wellness. After a cup of coffee, I start my day by throwing a tiny vase on my pottery wheel.

Demet at work on a tiny vase

Ceramics that create tiny sparks of joy

Throwing tiny ceramics gives me serenity. There are no thoughts at all in my mind while throwing. In this way, I can say that throwing is like meditating for me. 

Things that bring me delight:

  1. Small cactuses and succulents. Caring for them is simple, but despite my best intentions, some of them still don’t make it.
  2. Laughter! People who laugh delight me.
  3. Boiled beets. I’m crazy about them!
  4. Walking. It doesn’t matter if I’m moving fast or slow. Just keeping a good pace takes me anywhere I want to go.
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Spontaneous, tiny sparks of joy in Demet’s kitchen

To me, nourishment is eating what you love and food that is good for your body. I don’t use recipes. Instead, I cook with ingredients that pop into my mind at that moment.

Two things that I love?

  • Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!
  • The color blue
Demet Galatali
Demet in her home studio
Ceramic artist Demet Galatali's passion is throwing tiny ceramics. See more of her delicate, inspiring work on Instagram and Etsy. 

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