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The Beauty of Every Day: a News Presenter on Practicing Gratitude

Today we welcome Yashini Padayachee, a News Anchor for TRT World who shares with us her secret to finding the beauty of every day: practicing gratitude. Read on to get a behind the scenes glimpse into the day of a news presenter. 

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A snapshot of the beauty of every day 

No day is ever the same. For example, some days I start my morning at 4am and go to bed at 8pm, while other days I get up at 8am and go to bed at 11pm. Recently, most of my days involve several hours of work and then time at the gym. At the gym, I raise my heart rate and then take a walk along the water, where I remind myself of the beauty of every day. 

But first, gratitude 

Every day, before I get out of bed and my feet touch the ground, I say thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s this little act of gratitude that guides me through the day. 

Artful wellness is practicing gratitude in as many moments as you can, from admiring natural beauty, to placing your hand on your heart and feeling the beat of a rhythm that guides you.

Yashini Padayachee
beauty in every day at work
Yashini at work at TRT World

Breathing in the beauty of every day

When I sit close to a body of water, close my eyes and take a few deep breaths, I find serenity.

Baby steps as a plant parent

I am possibly the worst plant parent! I killed a cactus! However, I do have two plants that I’ve managed to keep alive for more than a year. I am exceptionally proud of this achievement. I also have grand ideas of gardening, but fear I have the black thumbs and have steered clear of taking any other planets to their impending deaths.

Bridging the distance

Videos of my niece bring me delight! The last time I saw her in person was March of last year, but watching videos of her growing up absolutely warms my heart and automatically makes me smile.

Wholeness and the beauty of every day 

Nourishment isn’t just physical. It’s what we feed our minds and souls. To me, it means to take care of every aspect of our being as best we can.

Cool weather craving

Lentil soup is perfect for cooler weather and one of my favourite things to have in Turkey. I’m not big into cooking, so I definitely use YemekSepeti way too much!

Comfort bowls

I’m afraid I can barely remember the last time I followed a recipe (due mainly to the total anxiety cooking gives me). However, I’m a big fan of bowls. I make several individual things and toss them all into a bowl with olive oil and I’m good to go.

Strong is beautiful

I love lifting weights. It makes me feel strong and healthy. I also love the post workout sore muscle pain : )

Balanced hydration

I drink coffee at work and Turkish coffee or chai after a meal when I’m out. At home, I drink water and lemon.

Closing thought on beauty in every day

One word that describes me is curious!

Yashini Live on Camera
Yashini Padayachee is a South African living in Istanbul. She loves travelling, learning, exploring and growing. She’s a fan of astrology and numerology and all the ‘woo woo’ things. She works in TV news as a Presenter and aims to tell the stories of the unheard. Follow her on Instagram: @yashinip and Twitter: @yashpaddy

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