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How Making Candles is Therapeutic

What do basil and green tea, caramel and black clove have in common? Not only do they add flavor to your kitchen, they are some of the scents that Taslim Droliya cooks up while making candles from her home in Istanbul

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A day in the life of a candle maker

Most days you can find me stirring a pot over my stove. What’s in it? Not soup, but all natural soy wax!

making candles
Cooking up natural soy wax

Supporting her health with nature

I love going for morning walks in the forest. Walking really boosts my energy, gives me time to reflect, and most importantly, I get to spend quality time with myself. It’s refreshing, peaceful and the crisp air makes me feel alive. 

Creativity is part of artful wellness

When I’m using my creativity in a way that allows me to experience peace and joy within, that is what artful wellness means to me. 

cozy candles
Cozy scents increase wellness

Serenity while making candles 

First of all, making candles brings me serenity. When I am making candles, I am not thinking about anything else. I am in my own world, and it’s so therapeutic.

When I am making candles, I am not thinking about anything else. I am in my own world, and it’s so therapeutic.

Taslim Droliya

If I could have just one thing?

An afternoon all to myself!

Afternoon mood

Insider details on this candle-making maven

  • I love coffee, although I am trying to cut down and drink more water. 
  • I feel terrible for saying this but I have no plants! Sadly, I have never been able to look after one.
  • The last recipe I made was zucchini brownies. I modified it since I can never follow a recipe to a ‘T’! 
Therapeutic scents

Making candles just one part of a nourishing life

To me, nourishment is something good you do for your mind and body. As a result, nourishment brings you inner peace and wellbeing.

A peek into Taslim’s kitchen

I love vegetable dishes and rarely eat meat. My current favorite at the moment is Paneer Tikka Masala and Chana Masala.

One word that describes Taslim?


packaged candles
Handmade with love from Istanbul
After many years of teaching English, Taslim Droliya decided to follow her passion, which is making handcrafted scented soy wax candles. Follow your nose to her scented candles on her Instagram page, Bosphorus Candles

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