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One Thing this Blogger and Food Photographer Does Daily

Dive into a day in the life of Ashley Altan and discover what this blogger and food photographer does daily to feel great!

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Ashley documents Mediterranean Cranberry Bean Stew with Celery Root
Ashley documents Mediterranean Cranberry Bean Stew with Celery Root

A snapshot of my day

Today I began my morning with a hairdryer in my hand. I showered my twin girls, blow-dried their hair, and after that, rushed them off to first grade. When I returned home, I sipped on milky hot coffee, and it was so caffeine-rich and comforting. Then, I walked to my Pilates class. Actually, when it comes to Pilates, I’m a total newbie and loving it!

I fill my daily routine with delicious food and warm cuddles from loved ones. You can find me hanging out in my kitchen where I develop new recipes to eat and write about. Blogging and food photography are my two greatest passions, and I love every second of doing them! Nevertheless, when I am not blogging about food, you can find me binge-watching Disney movies with my family of four.

One thing this food photographer does daily

Artful wellness means being creative in my daily routine to feel good inside and out. If there is one thing that I practice daily, it’s drinking plenty of water. Most importantly, it makes me feel more energized than a cup of coffee, and as a bonus, my complexion is noticeably clearer!

Finding serenity

For me, that’s fasting. I fast for 30 days from sunrise to sunset every year during the holy month of Ramadan. As a result, when I fast, my mind is alert, my heart is receptive, and I can truly appreciate all of the little things in my life.

Plant-parent in training

I am definitely a plant-parent in training. For instance, I have two bay leaf trees, a small pot of chocolate mint, lemon balm, rosemary, and basil. The best part is that all of them are edible.

What else this blogger and food photographer does daily

Cooking. I can spend all day in my kitchen whipping up new recipes. Cleaning, on the other hand—I am not so sure about that!

How I’m nourished

I eat lots of veggies, little to no bakery items, drink plenty of water, and sip on hot herbal tea. Ultimately, my all-time favorite tea is a combination of ginger and turmeric with a splash of coconut milk. YUM! So simple yet so yummy.

One thing this food photographer can’t get enough of?

Salsa. I finally found cilantro at my local bazaar, so as a result, ,my first instinct was to make a big batch of it. I eat it with eggs in the morning, for example, or top it over baked chicken.

The last recipe I made

Fresh apple tea with aromatic cinnamon and clove—oh, it was so spectacular. It was raining that day, so it hit the spot. I developed the recipe myself and thankfully, it was quite a success.

Cozy Apple Tea with Cinnamon and Clove

Staying on the move

Whether walking, doing yoga, or Pilates, I love to be on the move. I used to walk a lot as a kid. Therefore, it feels like it’s something that’s a part of me, and movement is what I crave.

one thing this blogger and food photographer does daily
Pilates newbie Ashley stretches her way into her day

What hydrates me

Everything! In other words, whatever someone offers to me I always greatly appreciate and enjoy.


One word that describes me is open-minded!

Ashley Altan is co-founder of ARE Living. She is an author, food photographer, and prize-winning recipe writer. She has a strong desire to transform common, traditional ingredients into delicious, wholesome meals for her family. If there’s one thing she’s learned, it’s that eating good food can brighten even the darkest of days. Follow her tasty adventures @ashley.altan

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