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What is Barberry?

barberries in a bowl

Visiting my country after a long time!

Feels so good being back home and visiting family after 2 years!

There are still some restrictions due to the pandemic and it is not easy to go out there all the time, but yet I can get the things and foods I’ve missed when I was far from home!

Barberry is one of those things!

What is Barberry?

Barberries are tiny edible red berries. You can use it both fresh and dried. It has a tart flavor, similar to cranberries.

They are also known as Zereshk in Persian.

barberry with rice

What is Barberry Used For?

They are used to season, flavor, and garnish foods.

These mild, slightly sweet little berries are wonderful in rice dishes, especially with aromatic saffron rice which gives this sweet, slightly sour flavor to the food. Here are a few ways I’ve enjoyed eating them for years.

  • I’ve made jam out of fresh and dried ones.
  • Barberry tea is very tasty and healthy as well!
  • Also, they are super delicious in addition to homemade mincemeat at Christmas.
  • Try a handful mixed with your breakfast muesli or yogurt.

Health Benefits of Barberries

Barberries are also highly nutritious.

They are rich in Vitamin C and have been used medicinally for centuries, especially for digestive disorders.

barberry jam

Do Barberries Come From in Iran?

Yes! The South Khorasan province in Iran is the main area of Barberry or Zereshk in the world.

How to store Barberries?

Keep in mind that always keep barberries at a cool, dry place in airtight bags and away from direct sunlight. otherwise, if not stored properly; they turn darker and dry and lose all their taste.

Where To Buy Barberries

 Dried barberries are available in all Persian supermarkets and also you can purchase them on Amazon as well.

So go ahead and try this amazing and beneficial fruit and I will come up with some Persian foods recipe with barberries in them in my future blog posts.

barberry bush

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